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  • Our mission

    Is Simple

    To provide face-to-face marketing and event solutions, for any size corporation, that complement and reinforce your brand and image.

  • Our Commitment

    Is To You

    We value our relationship with our customers. We are not just a vendor but a part of a team.

  • Our Objective

    Is Clear

    Our team builds strong partnerships through dedication and attention to all the small details, ensuring your project's success.

Over The Years

Meet Our Team

We Are Team Of Professionals

We provide specific solutions for your brand.

Bob started in the tradeshows event industry in 1978 as a designer for ExhibitGroup in Cincinnati. He then transferred to Boston with Pacific Designer group, as a Designer /Sales person, he quickly became successful with clients like Scraffts Candy, Liberty Mutual, Mobile Tyco, and Digital Equipment Corporate. Bob’s relationship with Digital landed him a position there as an exhibit manager. He was responsible for managing the large tradeshows they attended, National Computer Conference and Comdex. He also managed Digital’s User Groups, Board of Directors Meetings and DEC World. His experience grew for over 5 years before founding Corporate Communications in 1985. His 40-year experience in the events industry, with a background in production/design and working as a service provider, coupled with his experience as being a customer has proven to be a formula for the success of CorpCom.

Bob Dobinski


Doug DeBarge

Vice President 

Doug was introduced to the trade show industry in 1985 while he was the IT manager for Digital Equipment Corporation’s Advertising and Public Relations Division. Working with Digital’s trade show group he instituted automaton processes to capture leads at events and provide prospects with requested literature as well as providing the sales organization with leads days after the event.

Doug joined Corporate Communications in 1991. Doug has applied his engineering and automation skills to systems that allow us to efficiently manage our business and our relationship with our customers. Doug also manages a number of our accounts.

Jay Britt

Vice President of Operations

Jay has over 30 years of construction and trade show experience.

When he is not working, he likes to enjoy life with his family.

Jennifer Taylor

Director of CorpEvents New England

I am new to Corporate Communications, Inc and the Trade Show Industry in general. It has been an exciting learning process where I continue to acquire new information and new experiences every day. It is inspiring to be at the convention center where all the efforts of planning and organizing all come together to create unique experiences.

When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking, traveling, doing yoga, learning about wine, and trips to the ocean.

Julie Nickerson


25+ years’ experience in both public and private sectors of the accounting world, focusing on small to medium size businesses; owned and operated successful accounting and payroll company for over 20 years; 2 years ago started job at CorpCom / CorpEvents and have become well-versed in the accounting nuances of the trade show industry.

When I’m not working I like to travel & garden.

Lisa McGinnis

Director of Client Services

I started in the Trade Show industry 18 years ago as a marketing manager for a finance company. I liked trade shows so much that I went to work for my exhibit house. The fast paced, detail oriented, customer focused and dynamic environment of tradeshows is both exciting and rewarding. What I like most is working with our many different client brands and the variety of markets we are in. No two exhibits are ever the same.

When I am not working, I like to golf and spend time with family & friends.

Julie Lebel

Account Manager

20+ years’ account management experience in the trade show/event industry.  I thrive off of the ever changing, deadline driven “to do” lists and numerous details that make the industry so unique.

When I’m not working I enjoy traveling and spending time with family.

Danielle Mcknight

Account Executive 

I joined this industry in the beginning of 2004 and have not looked back, the energy is constant and forever changing.  There is nothing better than seeing a client’s vision come to life and being a part of it.  We have the expertise to execute the build of one unique exhibit to full customized turnkey programs that fit your brand, your image, your schedule and your budget.

When I am not working i enjoy my family & friends while boating, beaching it, traveling or simply hosting a dinner.

Volunteer work with Saint Mary’s Center for Women & Children, Girl Scouts and several groups around our home town.

Keith Weilding

Director of New Business Development 

Prior to Corporate Communications, Keith served as Director of Marketing, Operations at Automated Finishing, Inc.  Keith worked collaboratively among all departments to improve processing efficiency, work culture, productivity, and day to day functions. Redeveloped policies, procedures and quality control standards decreasing production errors by 10%. Developed analyzed and communicated key program metrics with recommendations for improvements where necessary.

When he isn’t working, you’ll find Keith on the soccer field, coaching or volunteering for activity that his kids participate in, mountain biking or working outside building stone walls and landscape features.

Rachel Dobinski

Senior Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager

I’ve been working for Corpcom for 5+ years now. I grew up around this industry, so in theory I have a long relationship with tradeshows and events. My skillset lies in social media and creative marketing.

I love to do yoga, snowboard, cook amazing vegetarian food and gallivant in the mountains with family and friends!

Lisa Addario

Graphic Production Manager

Lisa’s background includes brand marketing, graphic design and large format printing industry experience.

When she’s not working, Lisa enjoys playing frisbee with her dog, doing home projects, or jamming on guitar with one of her bands.

Matt Potenza

Field Operations Manager & Event Specialist

I’ve been working at Corpcom for 6 years now. I get to travel across the country to many different places/venues and work with a lot of hard working individuals.

When I’m not working you can find me staying active playing basketball / working out and exploring new places.

Jesse Jaillet

General Manager

I started working with a decorator in 1997 as a laborer. I quickly worked my way up to a show site supervisor. After many years frequent traveling I transitioned to the custom exhibit side of the industry. Since making the transition my experience has included warehouse management, logistics, project management and installation supervisor.

When I’m not working, I prefer to spend time with my family. We enjoy camping and racing.

Paul Cugini

Warehouse Manager

Access TCA 2000 – 2006 BlueHive 2006 – 2018 CorpCom 2018 – Present

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family. I’m also currently . the Cub Scouts Den Leader & I enjoy following the  Patriots and Red Sox & camping and fishing.

Wally Henneberry

Warehouse Supervisor

I have been in the trade show business for two years.  I have gained valuable experience in our home shop, on the show floor, and traveling with our client’s booths across the country seeing cities I never would have otherwise.

In my free time I like to play basketball, coach sports, and hang with my family.  Getting out on the golf course is good, too.

Danny O’Brien

Warehouse Supervisor

Danny has been at CorpCom for almost five years now.

When not working, Danny enjoys hiking, music & being with friends.

Esteban Gonzalez

Warehouse Supervisor

Esteban has been at CorpCom for almost two years now.

When Esteban isn’t working, he enjoys being with his family.

Norman Smith

Shipping and Receiving Manager


Gogo Dobinski

Office Mascot & Lunch Room Manager

I’m an ex-sled dog. I’m very new to the tradeshow industry and I’m loving the office life. It’s fun to sniff around the warehouse and everywhere I go here people are giving me treats…I’m one lucky dog!

When I’m not at the office, I enjoy big snow storms, going on runs and taking long naps in the sunshine. I also love seeing my friend Eddy that lives across the street.